Gathering for Growth at Kingswood “inspirational”

This was a well-attended and vibrant session, led by Rev. Ant Howe from Kingswood Unitarian Church. Ant’s congregation is ‘successful’ by any description – with Unitarian worship at its heart, it attracts 60+ attendees on a typical Sunday, 40 at mid-week services, is growing at the rate of 10% a year, has a full schedule of activities, is inclusive, welcoming, and at the heart of the local community it so effectively serves. At Christmas it is standing room only!

Ant led a sequence of discussions about growth:

  • start by asking – why grow?
  • what are the dangers and barriers to growth?
  • apologetics – the need to articulate answers to the question “what is a Unitarian?”
  • from dreams to reality – planning

It was an excellent and upliftnig day for all concerned, superbly led by Ant and conducted in a spirit of optimism and joyfulness. We look forward to the continued sharing of positive and realistic strategies for growing our congregations.

Ash James (MUA President)