MUA Executive Committee meeting Key Messages

1. The deadline for 2020 Expressions of Interest has been extended to 28th September 2013.

2. The MUA Investment Committee has four new members (in addition to Mr. Ash James (President), Mr. Sandy Ellis (Treasurer) and Mr. Clive Weston (consultant): Rev. Jeffrey Bowes; Mrs. Jane Couper (Vice President); Mr. David Mearman and Mrs. Pamela Rose. Our thanks to them all.

3. The District still needs an RE Coordinator. If you wish to see a job description, or are interested in volunteering for this role, please contact Rev. Sue Woolley (see below).

4. The deadline for the Winter 2013 issue of MU Now is Thursday 21st November, and the theme is ‘Why I am a Unitarian’. All contributions to Rev. Sue Woolley please.

5. A Steering Group to coordinate the ‘Celebrating Our Community‘ slot at the 2014 General Assembly meetings has been formed, and an initial discussion about this slot was held at the July meeting. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Rev. Sue Woolley or President Ash James.

6. The Committee did a brainstorming exercise to think of ways to promote congregational growth, and how the MUA might support this. The following actions will be implemented:

  • a downloadable invitation (editable by congregations) will shortly be put onto the MUA website, so that congregations can invite outsiders to local events.
  • all congregations are strongly urged to send a representative to the MUA Autumn Training Day, led by Rev. Ant Howe at Kingswood, on Saturday 21st September, called ‘Gathering for Growth’. Please let Rev. Sue Woolley have your name.
  • The subject of the MUA Spring Training Day will be how to use social media such as Facebook & Twitter, to promote your congregation. It will be led by Rev. Sue Woolley (details to be confirmed).
  • Ideas for Congregational Growth, a 4-8 page A5 leaflet, will be produced by President Ash James & circulated to all congregations with the Winter 2013 issue of MU Now. It will also be downloadable from the MUA website.

7. MUA Annual Lunch: will be on Saturday 26th October, atKingswood. Our Guest Speaker will be Dr. Taj Hargey, Director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford.

Ash James: tel: 01384-374007; e-mail:
Sue Woolley: tel: 01604-870746; e-mail: