Publicity Fund

At the Midland Unitarian Association Executive Committee meeting in January 2011, we decided to set up a Publicity Fund in order to help MUA congregations to raise their profiles in the local community. The following decisions were made about how the Fund should be administered:

  • That congregations may apply for help with funding publicity for either a one-off event, or for raising their profile more generally
  • That the Midland Unitarian Association Executive Committee will consider all applications, and will fund up to 50% of any successful bid
  • That congregations should be reminded of the vital importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere to retain the interest of newcomers attracted by such advertising
  • That congregations will be required to report back to the MUA Executive Committee on the success of the publicity initiative
  • That the size of the Fund should be set at £5,000 for the year 2011/12 and once that is spent, no further applications may be considered

So if you are planning a one-off event, or simply wish to raise your profile in your local community, please contact Sue Woolley, District Minister, for an application form and guidelines on how to apply.

For an application form, please click here (Word file).

For guidelines for applying, please click here (Word file).

For an excellent article about Gaining Media Coverage by MUA President, Ash James, please click here (Word file).