Objects & Activities

“The promotion of religion in connection with the freedom
which rejects subscription to any articles of theological belief”

Under this guiding object, the Midland Unitarian Association (a Registered Charity) aims
to unite in community all its member congregations and fellowships;
through the exchange of information,
through the fostering of links and shared activities and
through the provision of support, advice, training
and – where appropriate – funding,
in response to the needs of those member congregations and fellowships.

The Midland Unitarian Association Executive Committee
acts in accordance with this aim

At its bi-monthly meetings, the Executive welcomes regular reports from all of the District congregations and fellowships, and is always eager to identify opportunities to offer help and encouragement.

The Midland Unitarian Association encourages and sponsors a range of annual District events:

  • the AGM, with lunch and Speaker, in a variety of venues around the District
  • the Asparagus Lunch; an historic occasion, originating in the secrecy needed for Dissenting Ministers to gather in Evesham
  • a District Luncheon, with Speaker, held in Birmingham
  • Two training days for worship leaders and others, held in the Spring and Autumn
  • One nationally-recognised training course a year: either the Worship Studies Course Foundation Step or Rites of Passage

Full-time Leadership within the District is fostered by the Executive, through the funding of the meetings of the Ministry Fraternal – which also meets quarterly – and through the possibility of making grants to congregations or fellowships to help meet the cost of ministry.

The Executive also provides leadership and financial support for the work of the Midland Unitarian Association of Lay Preachers and Service Leaders whose members supplement the work of the Full-time Ministry by leading Congregational Services throughout the District.

The Executive not only constitutes a level of leadership in itself, but also acts as a bridge between the Congregations and the National Movement through close liaison with the General Assembly National Executive and by direct representation at the Annual General meetings of the General Assembly.