Our District Minister

Sue Woolley

Rev. Sue Woolley

Appointed 1st March 2008

Working to encourage an active sense of community across the Midland Unitarian Association, and to promote the practice of community in terms of communication and collaboration.

The District Minister collates and publishes a monthly District-wide Preaching Plan. Through this medium every congregation and fellowship is made aware of the worship life of all the others, and the District Minister is able to oversee and ensure the regular provision of the services which are required … whether by meeting those needs herself or by matching empty pulpits with available worship leaders.

It is very much part of the District Minister’s role to offer support, guidance, and training to those who lead services in the Midland Unitarian Association on a voluntary basis.

Each month she sends a letter out to all MUA members and attenders (via the Secretaries) which seeks to offer support and ideas in promoting our District awareness, and includes a ‘Bits & Pieces’ section which is intended to be a District ‘Notice-board’.

These can be found posted regularly on this website in the Newsletters section.

The District Minister seeks to work amicably and co-operatively with all Ministers and Lay Leaders in the Midland Unitarian Association, and is eager to offer support to congregations and fellowships which do not have full-time leadership. As well as arranging workshops or seminars to look into the leading of worship, or the practical management of congregational life, she is always ready to respond to particular needs as they arise.

The District Minister is available to help in the conducting of Rites of Passage – as and where and when they arise – should there be no such ministry available locally.

The District Minister is accountable to the President’s Committee, which acts on behalf of the Executive Committee in regularly meeting with her to monitor and support the ongoing planning and review of her activities.

Sue is also President of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, for the year 2022/23.

Sue may be contacted by post: 5, Martins Road, Piddington, Northampton NN7 2DN
by telephone: (01604) 870746, or by e-mail: revsuewoolley@gmail.com