Successful conclusion to Rites of Passage course (14/11/15)

RofP Course 2015 1

Eight participants successfully completed the Local Leadership Strategy Group approved Rites of Passage Course at Kingswood on Saturday, by doing a presentation each about a particular rite of passage, followed by peer review and comments. Another participant was sadly poorly on the day, and will be doing a catch-up session later in the year.
The course itself was a first for the District, and we were lucky to be able to book three very competent speakers: Rev. Lynne Readett for Namings / Baptisms / Christenings; Rev. Martin Whitell for Weddings; and our own Rev. Ant Howe for Funerals. The participants were given a thorough grounding in the preparation for and conduct of each of the rites of passage, with many helpful handouts, and the chance to practice what they had learned.
We will be running the course again in 2017. Next year (2016) will see the very popular Worship Studies Course Foundation Step being run for the fifth time.