Midland Unitarian Association AGM held at The Great Meeting House Unitarian Church, Coventry

38 members from 13 of our 18 congregations, plus two visitors (Mrs. Joyce Ashworth, President of the Unitarian General Assembly and Mrs. Lis Dyson-Jones, MUA link member on the GA’s Executive Committee) came together on a beautiful Spring day at Coventry’s Great Meeting House Unitarian Church.

The business part of the meeting went very smoothly, and then we came to item 19 on the Agenda, choosing a new name for the Midland Union of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches. After a spirited debate (see above), we decided on Midland Unitarian Association.

After a congenial lunch and a short service led by our new President, the Rev. Peter Hewis, who took the life of famous conductor and Unitarian Sir Adrian Boult as his theme, we enjoyed a stimulating and interesting talk by Rev. John Harley, the General Assembly’s Youth Coordinator. He was full of good ideas for involving children and young people in worship and other activities in our churches and chapels, and those present made good contributions too. John emphasised the need to have at least one adult present who has been CRB checked, and that it was better to have adults working in pairs. Keeping a log of activities was also recommended. He finished his talk by giving us some information about the GA’s Chalice Award Scheme for children and young people. We all went home with a lot to think about, and inspired to be more inclusive to our younger members and attenders.