Goodbye Midland Union – Hello Midland Unitarian Association!

At our AGM on 21st March 2009, at the Great Meeting House Unitarian Church, Coventry, it was decided by the meeting that our ‘working name’ (in other words what we are known as) should be changed from ‘Midland Union’ to ‘Midland Unitarian Association’, MUA for short.

Four names had been put forward for consideration: ‘Midland Unitarians’, ‘Midland Unitarian Association’, ‘Association of Midland Unitarians’ and ‘Midland Unitarian District Association’. After a discussion, and an initial straw poll of those present, the last two suggestions were dropped, and the meeting voted for one of the first two options.

The reasoning behind this was that our former title ‘Midland Union’ gave no indication that we were Unitarians. Our full name ‘Midland Union of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches’ will remain the same, until we amend the Constitution later this year, for Charity Commission purposes, but we will henceforth be known as ‘Midland Unitarian Association’, which we think shows clearly both that we are a Unitarian organisation and that we are a District Association.