Key Messages from May 2022 Executive Committee Meeting

1 Change in investment managers: it was unanimously agreed that the MUA is to change its Investment Managers from EFG Harris Allday to Newtons, who already manage more than 40 Unitarian investment accounts.

2 Amendments to Bank of Scotland bank mandate: it was unanimously agreed that additional signatories should be added to the MUA’s account.

3 Treasurer Elect: Mr Sandy Ellis will be retiring from the post of Treasurer at the 2023 AGM, after an unprecedented 40 years in office. The EC is delighted to announce that Mr Kieren Mardle-Moss of Coventry Unitarians has volunteered to succeed him and will be shadowing him this year.

4 Pro Canva account: the MUA will be signing up for a free Pro Canva account, to enable the production of MUA-wide publicity materials. The contact for this will be Aleks Zglinska (e-mail: