MUA Annual General Meeting Report

Our AGM took place last Saturday – 27th March. More than 20 Unitarians from around the District joined together on Zoom. At our business meeting, we welcomed Kieren Mardle-Moss of Coventry onto the Committee and installed Debra Burbery of Shrewsbury as President and Cressida Pryor of Cheltenham & Gloucester as Vice-President.


Then, after lunch, we enjoyed a short worship service on the theme of relighting our inward fires / inner light from Debra. Her message was that it’s not what we do that matters, but how we do it – being more present, open-hearted, mindful, deeply seeing ourselves and the world.


Finally, we listened to our Guest Speaker, Helen Mason, Director of Unitarian College, give a fascinating presentation about Unitarian College, which exists mainly to train ministry students at present. But this Spring, they have also run the Worship Studies Course Foundation Step online and have plans to produce other courses for Unitarians generally.


She finished by challenging us all to produce up to 350 words on the theme ‘This I believe’ in 15 minutes and some of them will be shared in MU Now. If you would like to do this exercise and send me your results, I would be glad to include them.