MUA Executive Committee Key Messages December 2019

The Midland Unitarian Association’s Executive Committee met on 7th December. Here are the Key Messages:

  1. The Spring Training Day will be on the topic ‘Ideas for running a thriving congregation’, aimed particularly at lay people in congregations without a minister, although others are welcome. For more information, contact Rev Sue Woolley.
  2. MUA Annual General Meeting will be taking place at The Great Meeting House Unitarian Church in Coventry, on Saturday 28th March 2020. Our Guest Speaker will be Helen Mason, Director of Unitarian College.
  3. Vice President of the General Assembly Our District Minister, Rev Sue Woolley, has been successfully nominated by Rochdale Unitarians, and will take up the role at the General Assembly Meetings in April 2020.
  4. National Rites of Passage Course The District will be running this course for the third time, on Saturdays in the Spring, at Kingswood Meeting House. For more information, contact Rev Sue Woolley