Cliff Reed’s wonderful words

Yesterday was the MUA Annual Lunch. Thirty of us assembled at Kingswood to listen to Rev Cliff Reed, author of Unitarian? What’s That? and several collections of prayers and reflections, including Spirit of Time and Place, Sacred Earth, and A Carnival of Lamps, sharing some wonderful new material from his forthcoming book, Sunlit Smoke. 

He explained that he had taken his lead from the 19th century Transcendentalist and Unitarian, Ralph Waldo Emerson, that a preacher should “deal out to the people his life.”

As I listened, I kept thinking “ooh, I know when I could use this as a reading, that as a prayer.”

Then we adjourned to the schoolroom for a delicious lunch, provided by Jill Bowie and her team. Once more, the MUA lunch was a happy, social occasion with a great speaker.