Key Messages from October meeting of MUA Executive Committee (03/10/15)

1. Sesquicentennial Celebrations: The Secretary has issued a plea for original worship material to be included in the commemorative publication – please share widely. She will also be commissioning material for this.

2. Rites of Passage Course: the District is still running the nationally-recognised Rites of Passage course this year. The final, plenary session will be taking place at Kingswood on 14th November.

3. MUA Lunch: will be taking place on Saturday 31st October, at Kingswood, with Rev. Winnie Gordon, minister of Birmingham and Kidderminster, as Guest Speaker. Letters have been sent to congregational secretaries.

4. MU Now: in order to save hundreds of pounds in postage costs, the publication dates of MU Now have been moved on one month. So the next issue will be coming out in January 2016, followed by the Spring issue in May, and the Summer/Autumn issue in September.

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