MUA Executive Committee meeting Key Messages

1. Three new members were welcomed onto the Committee: Rev. Jeffrey Bowes (Coventry), Mr. David Heppingstall (Banbury) and Mr. Ian Kirby (Kidderminster).

2. MU Now deadline the deadline for the Summer 2013 issue is 11th July, and the theme is Freedom of Belief, but other articles of local interest are always welcome. Contributions to Rev. Sue Woolley please (contact details below)

3. St. Fagan’s Trip deadline: is 22nd June. Please send numbers to Ash James (contact details below)

4. MUA Annual Lunch date provisionally fixed for Saturday 26th October, at Kingswood. More details to follow!

5. 2014 General Assembly meetings are being held in our District, at Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire. The Committee has been asked to organise the Celebration slot on the evening of Monday 14th April; to organise a Quiet Room; and to ask for volunteers to help give out welcome packs. If you are interested in getting involved with any of this, please contact Rev. Sue Woolley (contact details below)

6. 2020 Congregational Development Programme: the deadline for initial Expressions of Interest is 28th June. Please see the 2020 website for more information, or contact MUA President Ash James.

Ash James: tel: 01384-374007 e-mail:
Sue Woolley: tel: 01604-870746 e-mail: