Paths to Inner Peace Taster Workshop at Kingswood

Twelve people from seven congregations round the Midlands attended the Autumn Training Day. This time it was slightly different, less of a training day and more of a taster workshop for different spiritual practices. It was led by Rev. Sue Woolley, District Minister, and Rev. Gillian Peel, minister of Rochdale Unitarians.

The first session was Journalling and Discussion around the words Peace, Violence and Non-violence. Then Gillian Peel introduced the group to a simple breath meditation, and an exciting music and chanting meditation. This was followed by an introduction to a Sabbath practice, by Sue Woolley, which she had learned about at Summer School in 2011. After lunch, participants were introduced to Merle Feld’s Write for Your Life practice, and the day finished with an opportunity to try the noble art of Zendoodling, led by Gillian Peel. It was a very hands-on day, and participants left with a lot of food for thought, and some ideas to try out at home.