Spring Training Day on Namings

10 participants from 7 MUA congregations attending this Midland Unitarian Association of Lay Preachers and Service Leaders Training Day at Kingswood, which was ably led by Rev. Lynne Readett, Minister of the Merseyside District.

Lynne took us through all the stages of planning a baptism / christening / naming ceremony, from first contact and finding out what the family want, a thoughtful session on why we as Unitarians, offer and want these ceremonies, to the elements of the service and a role play session in the Chapel, which included a baby-sized doll called Jamie, which one of the participants happened to have in her car!

Lynne’s presentation included several useful handouts: the booking form used at Park Lane Unitarian Chapel, Christian baptism: its origins. Why do we baptise infants?, a sample order of service, and some words for baptism. Even the participants who don’t think they will ever be “doing” a naming ceremony enjoyed the day very much.

It was both useful and informative.