Warwick Unitarians celebrate 375 years of witness

Two joyous Unitarian occasions in one weekend! Warwick Chapel was filled with Unitarians from all over the Midlands and beyond, to celebrate 375 years of Unitarian witness in Warwick. Features of the service included a potted history of the congregation by Warwick Treasurer Cherry Dodd, greetings from the new Mayor of Warwick, who confided that he was quite familiar with the outside of the chapel, as his wife used to attend Weight Watchers classes there (!), greetings from Rev. Peter Hewis, President of the Midland Unitarian Association, and from Neville Kenyon, President of the General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches. Added to this some rousing hymns and an inspirational address from Warwick’s minister Rev. Ant Howe, and some wonderful music from Peter Flower, Kingswood’s talented organist, not forgetting Stuart on the clarinet. The only sad note was the continued absence of Malcolm Sadler, Warwick’s Secretary, accompanist and sometime Lay Leader, who is still in Warwick Hospital with a bad leg. After the service, we all adjourned to the Chapel garden, and enjoyed a lavish spread laid on by the Warwick congregation. Long may they flourish!