MUA Annual Lunch an enjoyable occasion

39 people from 13 MUA congregations met at Kingswood Meeting House for our Annual Lunch. This was a change of venue from our usual, and also a change of caterers. Jill Bowie and her staff did us proud – we had a choice of four main meals, three accompaniments and two sweets, all of which were delicious. Before the meal, Rev. Bob Wightman, President of the General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches, was introduced as our guest speaker by MUA President, Rev. Peter Hewis. Rev. Bob, as he is known throughout the denomination, gave an inspirational talk about how it is we, the individual congregations and members, who must have the enthusiasm and dedication to ensure the survival and growth of our denomination. The vote of thanks was given by Immediate Past President, Mrs. Alison Thursfield.

We then adjourned to the hall for lunch, with Rev. Peter Hewis offering the grace. After the meal, the loyal toast was proposed by Mr. John Chandler, a member of the MUA Executive Committee and of Kingswood. The Unitarian toast was proposed by Mrs. Sue Woolley, MUA District Facilitator, who shared some local examples of Unitarian devotion to the cause of religious and civil liberty. After Rev. Ant Howe had proposed a vote of thanks to the caterers, and presented them with a box of chocolates, it was time for coffee and chat, and then everyone dispersed, having enjoyed a day of fellowship and good conversation.