Conducting Rites of Passage Foundation Step

Lay worship leaders are often asked to “do” christenings / namings / baptisms, weddings and funerals. And it can be a daunting prospect, without any training. Let the Midland Unitarian Association of Lay Preachers and Service Leaders show you the way.

We are offering a four-part course, leading to a GA-recognised qualification – the Rites of Passage Foundation Step.

Session 1: Weddings: 9th May

led by Rev. Martin Whitell, District Minister, LDPA

Session 2: Christenings / Baptisms / Namings: 18th July

led by Rev. Lynne Readett

Session 3: Funerals: 26th September

led by Rev. Ant Howe, Minister at Kingswood

Session 4: Putting it all into practice: 14th November

led by Rev. Sue Woolley, District Minister, MUA

Where:      Kingswood Meeting House, Worcs. B47 5DQ

Dates:        Saturdays 9th May, 18th July, 26th September & 14th November 2015

Times:       10.00 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. (coffee/tea from 9.30 a.m.)

Total Cost: £55.00 (£15.00 in advance; £10.00 for each session)

This includes a £15 registration fee, covering both national & local registration (payable in advance) and £10 for each session. Or you can pay the whole amount up front. You must attend all four parts to get your certificate. Refreshments will be provided during the day, but please bring your own lunch.