Unitarians Together In Diversity

Unitarians: Together in Diversity
A Survey of the Beliefs, Values, and Practices of Contemporary British Unitarians
by Sue Woolley
Published by the Lindsey Press, April 2018

Dating back 450 years and still evolving, Unitarianism is a faith which imposes no creed or dogma on its followers. It is a community of individuals, each on their own spiritual journey, each guided by their own reason and conscience. So what, if anything, binds us together?

It sometimes seems easier for us to express what we don’t believe, rather than to positively affirm what we do believe. Sue Woolley, our District Minister, set out to discover what contemporary British Unitarians actually believe, and how they give expression to their faith in their daily lives. She conducted an in-depth survey in 2017, seeking answers to questions such as: How do you perceive ‘the Divine’ … What is your relationship with Christianity and other faith traditions? … Do you have a regular spiritual practice? … Should religion and politics be kept separate from each other? … What are your views on gender, sexuality, and marriage? … What is the basis of your personal morality? … What happens after we die? … and many more.

Maybe you yourself were one of the 257 Unitarians who responded to the survey? If so, you might find yourself quoted (anonymously) in this book, which presents a detailed assessment of the findings. In considering the range and depth of present-day Unitarian beliefs, values, and spiritual practices, Sue Woolley explores what it is that holds Unitarians ‘together in diversity’.

Copies (£9.50 each) may be bought at the General Assembly annual meetings in the first week of April, or ordered from the Unitarian Head Office at Essex Hall in London from 9 April onwards (Monday–Friday, 10 am–5 pm). You can pay over the phone (tel. 0207 240 2384) with a credit or debit card.